A custom made ring is a special piece for a lifetime. We’re happy to turn your ideas into reality and will guide you through the whole process from the first idea to the finished ring. Whether you want to realize a completely new design, reinterpret a classic ring, or create a special jewelry piece with an heirloom stone – we‘re making sure it will be a dream ring. Handcrafted in small German workshops entirely according to your wishes.

You can directly book an appointment using our online calendar. We’re also happy to speak with you over phone or communicate via mail.




The process begins with an appointment via phone or video call where we talk about your initial ideas and wishes. You are welcome to bring inspiration or even specific designs, but it‘s perfectly fine if you haven‘t yet decided what you want the ring to look like. We will provide you with all the important information and talk about the design, the handpicked stones and the material. We‘re offering an exclusive selection of ready-to-buy rings online, which can serve as a first impression of our work. The aim is to figure out what your perfect ring looks like, to give you an idea of what‘s possible within the budget and of course answer all your questions.


The next step includes the sourcing of the perfect diamonds and gemstones and creating a design according to your wishes. You‘re welcome to see the selected stones remotely via mail or video call. To give you an impression of the future ring, you will receive a CAD visualization. This way you have the chance to see the ring from different angles as well as it‘s details such as the ring band, the claws or the setting. During this process, you can make adjustments at any time until the ring is exactly what you imagined. We recommend planning a time frame of 2-4 weeks for all steps named above. Once you‘ve made a final decision on the stones, design and material, the production can be initiated.


Our bespoke rings are made in Germany with the utmost care. The process of customization takes about 4-6 weeks and is always dependent on the design, stone selection and many other factors. Thanks to our experienced goldsmiths and their craftsmanship you will receive a very special piece that will one day become a heirloom. In the meantime, we‘re always available to assist you with any further questions you may have. We‘re also happy to offer an engraving to add an even more personal touch to the ring. Once the ring is finished, we will notify you and organize a worldwide shipping.